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Recently Watched – 23 Dec 2006


A Scanner Darkly – D for death.. blah, shallow impersonating deep and somewhat incomprehensible. Wasted effort and time.

The Lost Room – What if God checked into a motel and died, leaving all his belongings in his room? 4.5 hours’ investment for a pleasantly familiar yet refreshing plot line.

Sleeper Cell – Seasons One and Two – I watched bits of S1 previously but since Sho released all of S2 over the period of a week, I figured I’d get it all over and done with. Intense, not unlike 24 in a good vs bad guys’ terrorist thriller (but without the 3 dozen twists along the way). It has made me more than slightly curious about Islam.


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What’s Been Going On

is that I’ve been really, really busy. Really so. There was this post further down about TV Series. Yeah, that. And quite a significant bit of WoW as well.

Currently playing:

Dead Like Me (Seasons 1 & 2) – This is really good stuff. Quirky, funny and lots of sad sometimes. Girl gets killed by a toilet seat falling to earth when Russian space station blows up. Wakes up as a Grim Reaper, whose job is to harvest the souls of those about to die.
Sleeper Cell (Season 1) – Pretty heavy watching. I can dig Islam; it’s noble, solemn and graceful. And very unfortunately, violently divided.
House MD (Seasons 1 & 2) – TV light, with a dose of diagnostic medicine.
The 4400 (Season 3) – The current season, trickling in at a snail’s pace of one episode per week. There are very few series that I would endure this for. More powers, new factions, promise of large scale violence.

Viral pilots seen (all S01E01):

Class – by the guys who did Friends. Hrmph.
Jericho – interesting pilot. Feels a little like Roadwars 2000, Mad Max.
Shark – looks pretty good. Courtroom intrigue and stuff.
The Nine – odd. But will be compelled to watch it when it starts. Is it 24-esque or Lost-esque?
Traveller – has bombs in NYC and some kind of conspiracy. May be worth watching.
Studio 60 on Sunset Strip – is written by Aaron Sorkin. ’nuff sed.

In the queue (still):

Deadwood (Season 1 thru 3 or 4)
CSI (some recent seasons)
The Shield (some reasons seasons)
Grey’s Anatomy (Season 2)
The rest of Wonderfalls (Season 1)
and some others like The West Wing, Lost, Deadwood perhaps, more seasons of The Apprentice, One Tree Hill, Project Runway (*gasp).

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TV Series

I am so behind on the watching.

Currently playing:

ReGenesis (Season 1, with most of season 2 in the pipeline – this is pretty good, comes with a where-have-I-seen-that-face moment too: Ellen Page (Kitty Pryde in X3))
Doctor Who (2005, Season 1)
Harsh Realm (Chris Carter, old stuff, only 1 season I believe)
Tru Calling (Season 1, why do I bother?)

In the queue:

CSI (Seasons 5 and 6)
Deadwood (Season 1)
The Green Wing (Season 1)
Grey’s Anatomy (Season 2)
Prison Break (Season 1)
Lost (Season 2)
The West Wing (Season 7)

Completed recently:

Veronica Mars (Season 2 – again, like s1, it was one episode after another.. I can’t stop clicking on the next episode)
Hex (Season 1 – yeh all 5 episodes of it)
Life on Mars (Season 1 – surprisingly good. Crooked cops, near death experiences, time travel and police violence!)

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Band of Brothers

did not "get better near the end." There were reasons. The first and most obvious (to me) being the packaging. Multiple DVDs of a series need to be packed in a queue or in some manner that allowed direct access to any DVD in that packaging. Packing them into a stack demonstrates a lack of understanding of how DVDs in a series are watched, and irks watchees like me to no end.

Faux decolouring and over-sepiarisation. There really is a reason black-and-white and sepia-coloured shows aren't made any more (except in high-budget, pretentious projects). This is the one reason I would have preferred Michael Bay's Pearl Harbour over Band of Brothers.

And finally. Some nut said "it gets better near the end" which I took seriously (dumb of me.. but only because I fell asleep at least once during each of the first 3 episodes). OK, fine. It did get better but it wasn't a heck of a lot better. The feeling is that of thankfulness it is over. 

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Other TV Series

in my viewing queue are

1. Lost (Season 2)

2. Veronica Mars (Season 2)

3. The West Wing (Season 7)

4. Grey's Anatomy (Season 2) 

I've watched a few episodes of the first 3 but I suppose it's about time to finish them. Also in the queue at a lower priority are

5. Justice League (Seasons 1 and 2)

6. Babylon 5 (Seasons 1 and 2)

A new season of The 4400 has just started, but I cannot decide whether to catch them 1 at a time or to accumulate the entire season.

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seasons 2 and 3 are on my DVD player now. Yep, that makes me only about 8 years late in watching them. It is surprisingly engaging, which I think is why it ended – Millennium was about a decade ahead of its time. The late 90's were about Y2K, and not the millennium.

Unlike 24, Millennium is rarely continuous. Each episode brought about a new story. There is not much to compell long marathons to complete a season. It is also because of this that made it more tiring.

Halfway through season 2, Jose Chung made an appearance in the episode Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense. It's a most excellent chapter, which should be roughly compiled with the 2 X-Files episodes – Jose Chung's From Outer Space and Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose.

I found these 2 on eBay, cheap-ish. 10 quid a pop and about another 10 each for postage, making it about S$100 – like I said, cheap-ish. They arrived at the end of last week.

Season 1 was rented from downstairs several weeks ago. 

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TV Series on My Radar

24 – Seen seasons 1, 2, 3 (partial), 4 and 5

Millennium – Seen season 1. Seasons 2 and 3 in the pipeline. 

The 4400 – Seen seasons 1 and 2. Awaiting season 3.

Battlestar Galactica – Seen mini-series, seasons 1 and 2. Awaiting season 3.

Firefly – Seen season 1 and movie.

Justice League – Seen JLU seasons 1, 2 and 3. JL seasons 1 and 2 in the pipeline.

Veronica Mars – Seen season 1. Season 2 in the pipeline.

Lost – Seen season 1. Season 2 in the pipeline.

The West Wing – Seen seasons 1 to 6. Season 7 in the pipeline.

Grey's Anatomy – Seen season 1. Season 2 in the pipeline. 

ER, Buffy, Friends – Seen splotches. Unsure if I want to watch more of them. 

Stuff I've not watched that is gonna be trialled: Prison Break.

Stuff I'm not gonna watch: Alias, The Office (BBC). 

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Good guy torture vs bad guy torture

Ok I'll admit it. One of the big reasons I watch 24 is to monitor the progression of interrogation methods allowed to the good guys. The bad guys usually have no such limitation (except for the purposes of acquiring a PG rating).

Season 5 of 24 presents some of that progress. Here are some of the methods now allowed to the good guys:

1. Shooting a loved one (of the baddie; in this case, wife) in the middle inner thigh + verbal threat to shoot again that will result in "permanent disability". I liked this one. In the past, loved ones were always out of bounds, it seems. This method is probably far more useful than any other interrogation mechanisms. 

2. Chemical interrogation by the introduction of drugs (possibly Sodium Amytal) intravenously. Strange one here in the series because the drug seems to cause a fair bit of physical discomfort. I think this is a 'grey area' method but it doesn't lend itself well to a craving of violence on screen. It's not exactly violent. I know that things are being done to the person but it's not the same. I think this type of interrogation may be more attractive to the BDSM/druggie crowd.

3. White noise + sensory deprevation. Again, this is pretty BDSM.

"24" has always been a decent watch, especially when most/all the episodes are watched back-to-back. Season 5 is no exception. We have here also a tribute to the weak and stupid US president stereotype.

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