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Water boils faster up here. It\’s true!

Spot the Stef!

Spot the Stef

To the left of the sofa, I've laid down a single poly quilt from Ikea and two high duck down pillows. This has become Stef's and Willow's bed outside the bedroom, where they retire to when they don't agree with the stuff currently on TV.


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is a Disney-esque tear jerker for dog lovers. Quill the newborn labrador puppy, eyes closed, wriggles amongst his siblings. Quill the one-year-old puppy leaving in a van, looking back and wondering why his human mommy and daddy aren't going with him. Et cetera.

The peculiar widescreen comes with enforced english subtitles "hard-coded" into a black bar below the movie. Maybe it's just my copy. Bleh.

Stef and Willow liked it.

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