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Water boils faster up here. It\’s true!

A Chinese Tall Story

was very watchable. A very liberal interpretation to the chinese classic – A Journey to the West – that comes complete with space troopers, laser beams and a new explanation for Egypt's pyramids. This is clearly not a serious film but gives you value for money if you are looking for an hour and a half of silliness and don't mind the aged CG methods.

Other rentals today were Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and Capote. 


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Friends (Series finale)

did not seem all that different or particularly special. I do enjoy a good episode of Friends from time to time. Jokes are told, funny antics are performed, some reunions are had, goodbyes are said.

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Alias Season 4

gets repetitive somewhere in the middle of disc 2. Mia Maestro is the only reason for continuing but even she is not enough to pull the rest of the series. 

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Season 1 of BBC’s The Office and Broken Flowers.

On Fri, I brought home Season 1 of BBC's The Office and Broken Flowers.

The Office was quite painful to watch. I stopped after episode 2. I am wondering what the fuss is about it. I am wondering at the 9.4/10 rating on IMDB.

Mulatu Astatke (and his quintet, I imagine) plays a selection of Ethiopian music throughout Broken Flowers. Pleasant, if unimpressive. Jim Jarmusch directs a series of vignette of encounters between Bill Murray and his ex-flames. Some eye candy, but somewhat unimpressive.

BF was better than TO, but both set the mood for a rather unimpressive Friday.

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Today’s Rentals (23 May 2006)


1. Friends – The Series Finale (Parts One and Two)
2. Grey's Anatomy – Season One

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Today’s Rentals (22 May 2006)


1. Night Watch Two Disc Special Edition
2. Cirque du Soleil Corteo (Amazon link)
3. Quill

Well, it would appear that IMDB does not yet have an entry for Corteo. Opinions on the shows later.

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come from the Gramophone shop downstairs. $30 for 30 days or $75 for 90 days, during which I can take up to 3 feature length DVDs or a DVD boxed set at a go.

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