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Recently Watched – 23 Dec 2006


A Scanner Darkly – D for death.. blah, shallow impersonating deep and somewhat incomprehensible. Wasted effort and time.

The Lost Room – What if God checked into a motel and died, leaving all his belongings in his room? 4.5 hours’ investment for a pleasantly familiar yet refreshing plot line.

Sleeper Cell – Seasons One and Two – I watched bits of S1 previously but since Sho released all of S2 over the period of a week, I figured I’d get it all over and done with. Intense, not unlike 24 in a good vs bad guys’ terrorist thriller (but without the 3 dozen twists along the way). It has made me more than slightly curious about Islam.


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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

is pretty darn good, for a sequel. The only thing missing was a musical identity. As G puts it, a mashup of Hans Zimmer themes collected through the ages (or somesuch).

There’s a good poster to be made of a shot of Jack and the Kraken.

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(imdb link) is excellent! Funnies, in-jokes and very emotional vehicles. This goes into the DVD to-buy list.

Plus we got a new trailer for Supes and Ratatouille. 

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is a Pixar release for 2007, and it's wonderful trailer can be found here. The trailer was also shown before Cars.

Here's a partial transcript of that.

<freeze frame>

<Thin Rat>

This is me. I think it's apparent that I need to rethink my life a little bit. I can't help myself; I like good food. Okay? And good food is … is hard for a rat to find.

<Dad Rat, Offscreen>

It wouldn't be so hard to find if you weren't so picky.

<Thin Rat>

I don't wanna eat garbage, dad.

<Fat Rat Enters, holding a grey piece of something and takes a bite out of it>

<Thin Rat, pointing at grey something>

What is that?

<Fat Rat>

I don't really know.

<Thin Rat>

You don't know, and you're eating it.

<Fat Rat>

Yup, if you could sorta muscle your way past the gag reflex, all kinds of food possibilities open up.

<Thin Rat>

This is what I'm talking about.

I don't think any of this would have come up but we happen to live in Paris, France. It's so easy to find good food in Paris; it's just … dangerous.

<Fat Rat>

Gotta re-think your life.

<Dad Rat, offscreen>

He's right, you know.

<Thin Rat>

Let it go, dad!

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3 Flics With Cute Chicks

that I watched the last few days are

1. Ultraviolet – Cute Milla with tight tights and glimmery, shimmery coloured hair. Milla is nice but not nice enough to carry 90 minutes of zomgwtfbbq-rated drivel. Vampires, ho hum.

2. Bloodrayne – Attention is equally divided between T-X and a large proboscis. Neither, though, could make up for the jaw-dropping, mind-numbing story of vampires.

3. Underworld Evolution – More vampires. Werewolves. Kate. Yum. Yawn. A quick fix as recommended by an IMDB reviewer – remove the plot and leave in the fights. 

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The Weather Man

(IMDB link) is another Nicholas Cage one. It was a mistake to watch this right after Lord of War. Under other circumstances, this would have been a pretty decent black humour piece.

Some memorable bits – Michael Caine saying 'camel toe'; Cage walking around in Chicago with a bow and a quiver of arrows on his back; archery in mid-winder with arrows slamming into iced-up targets; fast food getting thrown on Cage.

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Lord of War

(IMDB link) has been on my to-watch list for a while. It's deeply inspirational for gunrunners-wannabe, with an outstanding performance from Nicholas "I-am-uber-confident-and-have-a-response-for-every-situation" Cage.

IMDB trivia on the movie: 

According to Andrew Niccol, the filmmakers worked with actual gunrunners in the making of the film. The tanks lined up for sale were owned by a gunrunner who had to have them back to sell to another country. They used a real stockpile of over 3,000 AK-47s because it was cheaper than getting prop guns. The gunrunners were more cooperative and efficient than the studio or the crew.

Yuri Orlov is a composite of five real arms dealers.

No US studios would back the film. International finances were secured instead.

The tanks seen in the movie were real and belonged to a Czech arms-dealer.

Before shooting the scene where tanks were lined up for sale, the filmmaker had to warn NATO, lest they think a real war was being started when they see satellite images of the set.

The character of Andre Baptiste is loosely based on famous warlord, and ex-leader of Liberia, Charles Taylor.

The Antonov An-12 airplane number 9Q-CIH filmed in the movie was owned by a Russian citizen Evgeny Zakharov. On January 8, 2005, the plane crashed at Bukalaza, Ughanda; all six crew members were killed. The plane departed Entebbe airport with destination Kinshasa. It was reportedly carrying humanitarian relief items.

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Wonder Woman

(IMDB link) will be written and directed by Joss Whedon for a 2007 release.

"Many actresses are rumored to be in the running for the lead role in this movie, including Charisma Carpenter, Aishwarya Rai, Kim Basinger, Lucy Lawless, Salma Hayek, Michelle Rodriguez, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sandra Bullock, Nadia Bjorlin, Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Jennifer Connelly, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan, and Jessica Alba." – Quoted from IMDB's trivia page. 

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marks the 3rd in a series of terrible terrible movies I've seen in a row. MI:3, Da Vinci and now this. I do hope that watching this has now permitted me to be in a fortituous position of being able to comprehend the scathing if witty reviews that are going to pepper the web.

A few things I have realised:

1. Studio executives must never be given a say in how superhero movies turn out. That's what the comic writers are for. These writers have been at it for a long long time and they do it well.

2. Brett Ratner should stick to directing sequels to Rush Hour.

3. Someone in the studio probably made a "shopping list" of X-Men story arcs for the screenwriters. That person should be given a triple wedgie.

We got some crap trailers and the 3rd Superman one. Is it heresy for a DC trailer to appear in a Marvel movie? 

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Night Watch

is a repeat for me. There weren't many things I missed the first time but this time, I knew what was coming. Second viewing was almost as good as the first.

Memorable bits:

The start of the truce, when Geser and Zavulon whisper into both ears of a man who grows old before our eyes.
Masha, the doll in the kitchen with spider legs, scurrying off the shelf and toward the Night Watch officer.
The rivet from the engine of the plane, that tumbles through the air and falls into Svetlana's chimney and ends up in her Nescafe.

I'll probably wait for the series to complete before getting the boxed set.

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