Life On The 48th Floor

Water boils faster up here. It\’s true!

This Cheesey Site

was made for my guild on Khaz’goroth Horde. WordPress fronting phpBB, eqdkp and mediaWiki. The 4 apps were a breeze to install after completing a LAMP setup of Ubuntu.

All of this is hosted on a 3gb-sized virtual machine in VMware Server.

Oh righto. Here’s the cheesey site.


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The Tunic of Undead Slaying

dropped after we ganked 26 or so Shadows of Doom. So I’ve finally completed the Undead Slayer’s Armor set (Tunic, Bracers, Gloves) and am poised to destroy the dps charts when we finally get into Naxxaramas.

We also accounted for 2 victories against the Scourge invasion as well and each walked away with at least a hundred or so Necrotic Runes. (We = Leonie, Littled, Taalia/Glow, Lemina, Woot and I.)

Scoring a victory is not hard, just time consuming. Each map under attack has 4-5 invading armies, supported by some sort of undead crystal. Kill trash (soldiers of the invading armies) and the crystal’s power wanes (it starts of at 100 and goes down by 1 for 2-3 soldiers killed. When it hits 0, 4 scourge engineers will appear and they will start repairing the crystal.

Use 8 Necrotic Runes on the engineer and a Shadow of Doom will spawn. Pull it away from the main bulk of the invasion and whup! Repeat with the other 3 engineers and the crystal dies. Repeat for other 3-4 crystals and a victory is scored.

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