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Water boils faster up here. It\’s true!

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It’s true.


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Zen Blogger’s Manifesto

Zen Blogger’s Manifesto

Do not follow in the footsteps of others,
seek what they sought and make your own footsteps.
Write not for others, as there are too many.
Write for yourself, as there is only one.
Subtract before you add.
Listen more than you speak.
Give more than you take.
Make but do not measure.
If you want to change the world, love someone.
All manifestos are dung.


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This Post

is the first via the PerFormancing addon. It’s faster (press F8) but there might be some kinks. Let’s see how.

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My Beef With WordPress

is that it’s darn slow. Clicking [New Post] to actually typing anything takes an average of 25 seconds (25.344s for this particular post). Sure, you get what you paid for.. yadda yadda but if there had been a warning at the sign up page that said “The new-posts page take an average of 25 seconds to load” I woulda gone to somewhere else.

For now, I’m making use of PerFormancing for Firefox (read about PFF here) except the current version of the plugin has a problem with logins. This here bottom two URLs are for keeping track of this problem. (Ah ahm sher they best enjeeneers be lerkin at dey poberm naw.)

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Figuring out Moveable Type’s relativity to WordPress and the horrible typo strikes back

Having signed up for 30-day trial of the highest plan on typepad, the counter has started. Perhaps it was poor timing, my blogging now has to compete for bandwidth with Azureus and the Acoustic Energy box. Any case the Starhub upgrade should kick in some time during the week so I reckon it should be fine.

First thoughts of MT – slow (see above). The much vaunted functionality didn't make itself obvious and after about an hour of tinkering, I remain to be convinced. More work to be done on this at some point in time.

MT imports from blogger easily but I couldn't be bothered to make it import from WP. We'll see if/when there's a need to do so. Hence far, this much was clear. I'm not going back to blogger.

This morning, I gave myself a near heart attack when apparently most of my posts on WP disappeared. It was the typo. Again. I missed out 44 floors when I first signed up with WP and 48th became 4th. That was rectified but that initial attempt wasn't deleted til much much later.

WP makes much its functionality visible, and that provokes usage. I don't see that in MT. Yet.

More later.

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