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Web Apps I’ve Signed Up For Recently

Wists – – "Social shopping…" – Once in a long while, a brand new fresh web app comes along and all of us are in awe of its intuitiveness and its innovativeness; we wonder 'why didn't I think of this myself.. it's so obvious and so simple!'

Well, this is not one of those apps. As far as I am able to make out, one can post a picture and some description (?) and some URL/s where one might be able to acquire that item and 3. profit! Or something like that.

Ning – – "Social Apps" – Still confounded. But intriguing. Online editing of PHP code? – – "??" – Buggy. Apparently I have an invisible, imaginary friend.

Hyperstrike – – "Online Personal Fitness" – Fitness plan, which workouts where and when, what workouts and instructions. Nice.

Bloglines – – "The world is made of RSS feeds!" – Everything there is to read/do/hack, and then some.


3 June 2006 Posted by | Apps | 1 Comment