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Something Worth While?

One morning, not too long ago, I woke up feeling really rotten, feeling like I was going to die shortly. My insides felt rotten, my head pounded and my feet felt like there were long, rusty, iron nails in them.

Somewhere in the haze of discomfort and pain, it occurred to me. What if my life had indeed just been to serve as a warning to others, just like that thing I read on the Internet. Y’know, that one. From somewhere in that email forwarded a dozen times.

Now, wouldn’t that be cool. I could deal with that. Heck, I could make it into something. Got me thinking, it did. Maybe I could do this website thing. Short but meaningful description of what I had done (or not) and how you, Mr Reader, could make your life just that bit better by heeding the warning.

Oh wait, it can get better. Other folks can come visit and tell their stories too. Share their tales of their life gone wrong and why one shouldn’t do what they done. Whoa. I was on to something.. something worthwhile.

And it hit. Yeah!!

So I fired up the browser and hit it.

Except that someone else got the domain.

And had done something to it.

Here’s what I saw.

“Here’s something worthwhile for”
“Friday December 29 2006”


“You’re going to die”

I am so screwed.


30 December 2006 - Posted by | Musings

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  1. This possibility of copping a name (or domain, if that is what it is called) and doing nothing with it, and charging for it if somebody cares to pay, is as vile and flawed as life itself. Homo sapiens is able to bring order to chaos, and will do so in due course of time. But it is a very slow process.

    All the idiots have to die out. We need a survival-value in not being an idiot. Sadly the idiots survive just fine. So do the non-idiots have to shift the goalposts and say “we do not want your silly game”?

    There are, now I remember, a few blogs that I started and then deleted. Their names are, I presume unusable now. But why? Who set things up that way? Is it up to the geek chaps, bless them for their genius and forgive them for their itty bitty flaws, to go in there are chage what needs to be changed.

    I would gladly give the names I have consigned to limbo to anybody who wanted them. I am not (necessarily) an idiot, just a fellow victim of the idiotic way the system is set up.

    Or, alternatively, have I misunderstood the whole doo-dah and am I writing a stack of complete nonsense? I have no idea.

    Cy Quick at

    Comment by mydigest | 2 February 2007 | Reply

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