Life On The 48th Floor

Water boils faster up here. It\’s true!

Recently Watched – 23 Dec 2006


A Scanner Darkly – D for death.. blah, shallow impersonating deep and somewhat incomprehensible. Wasted effort and time.

The Lost Room – What if God checked into a motel and died, leaving all his belongings in his room? 4.5 hours’ investment for a pleasantly familiar yet refreshing plot line.

Sleeper Cell – Seasons One and Two – I watched bits of S1 previously but since Sho released all of S2 over the period of a week, I figured I’d get it all over and done with. Intense, not unlike 24 in a good vs bad guys’ terrorist thriller (but without the 3 dozen twists along the way). It has made me more than slightly curious about Islam.


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Saint Etienne at the Turntable Cafe

Sway-ey, bouncy and preppy, just like my favourite Saint Etienne tunes. Bummer it’s in QT tho.

Through The Winter

21st Century Christmas

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