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Band of Brothers

did not "get better near the end." There were reasons. The first and most obvious (to me) being the packaging. Multiple DVDs of a series need to be packed in a queue or in some manner that allowed direct access to any DVD in that packaging. Packing them into a stack demonstrates a lack of understanding of how DVDs in a series are watched, and irks watchees like me to no end.

Faux decolouring and over-sepiarisation. There really is a reason black-and-white and sepia-coloured shows aren't made any more (except in high-budget, pretentious projects). This is the one reason I would have preferred Michael Bay's Pearl Harbour over Band of Brothers.

And finally. Some nut said "it gets better near the end" which I took seriously (dumb of me.. but only because I fell asleep at least once during each of the first 3 episodes). OK, fine. It did get better but it wasn't a heck of a lot better. The feeling is that of thankfulness it is over. 


22 June 2006 - Posted by | TV

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