Life On The 48th Floor

Water boils faster up here. It\’s true!

Firefox Extensions

that I use are 

1. Tab Mix Plus – The sesson manager alone makes this worth while. Firefox unresponsive? Close it, and re-open with all tabs (and sessions!) intact. Undo close tab, protect/lock tab all go a long way.

2. DOM Inspector – Leftover from the days in web dev and stuff. See what that web page really contains.
3. Tabbrowser Preferences – Do funky things with your tabs.
4. IE Tab – Windows/office update in Firefox!
5. User Agent Switcher – "This web site is best view in IE" No problem! *Jedi hand wave* I am using IE.
6. Live HTTP Headers – Another leftover from my legacy days of grokking application and web servers. See what the server really thinks of you.

7. Screen grab! – Saves an entire webpage (looong or wiiiide ones) as a single png image.

8. Fasterfox – Loads the stuff you need, ignores those you don't. Speeds up your surfing experience by hammering on the server/s harder than before.

9. VideoDownloader – YouTube into .flt!


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