Life On The 48th Floor

Water boils faster up here. It\’s true!

3 Flics With Cute Chicks

that I watched the last few days are

1. Ultraviolet – Cute Milla with tight tights and glimmery, shimmery coloured hair. Milla is nice but not nice enough to carry 90 minutes of zomgwtfbbq-rated drivel. Vampires, ho hum.

2. Bloodrayne – Attention is equally divided between T-X and a large proboscis. Neither, though, could make up for the jaw-dropping, mind-numbing story of vampires.

3. Underworld Evolution – More vampires. Werewolves. Kate. Yum. Yawn. A quick fix as recommended by an IMDB reviewer – remove the plot and leave in the fights. 


10 June 2006 - Posted by | Movies

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