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Piracy rampant on eBay

It's pretty obvious, yeah but I wanted to remind myself of this source when searching for lost TV episodes of stuff.

Example: X-Men the Animated Series and X-Men Evolution, Justice League, Batman Beyond

Sellers seem to come and go (aka get banned by eBay) all the time so none of them will have any significant amount of positive feedback.

This is funny:

Q: A REAL DVD set was never released. So, how can this be a real licensed set? Unless it's from overseas.
A: It's not a production studio set. My supplier acquired the license to release these dvd's. They are not studio produced, just produced under license.

Kinda like money laundering? Somehow asserting legitimacy (and probably using a DVD surface printer) one can convert these sets.


2 June 2006 - Posted by | Musings

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  1. Wheldon wrote Alien Resurrection! WOO! ZOMG!

    Comment by Chuang Shyue Chou | 2 June 2006 | Reply

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