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Good guy torture vs bad guy torture

Ok I'll admit it. One of the big reasons I watch 24 is to monitor the progression of interrogation methods allowed to the good guys. The bad guys usually have no such limitation (except for the purposes of acquiring a PG rating).

Season 5 of 24 presents some of that progress. Here are some of the methods now allowed to the good guys:

1. Shooting a loved one (of the baddie; in this case, wife) in the middle inner thigh + verbal threat to shoot again that will result in "permanent disability". I liked this one. In the past, loved ones were always out of bounds, it seems. This method is probably far more useful than any other interrogation mechanisms. 

2. Chemical interrogation by the introduction of drugs (possibly Sodium Amytal) intravenously. Strange one here in the series because the drug seems to cause a fair bit of physical discomfort. I think this is a 'grey area' method but it doesn't lend itself well to a craving of violence on screen. It's not exactly violent. I know that things are being done to the person but it's not the same. I think this type of interrogation may be more attractive to the BDSM/druggie crowd.

3. White noise + sensory deprevation. Again, this is pretty BDSM.

"24" has always been a decent watch, especially when most/all the episodes are watched back-to-back. Season 5 is no exception. We have here also a tribute to the weak and stupid US president stereotype.


31 May 2006 - Posted by | Musings, TV

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  1. totally agree

    Comment by bill_murray | 22 February 2007 | Reply

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