Life On The 48th Floor

Water boils faster up here. It\’s true!


marks the 3rd in a series of terrible terrible movies I've seen in a row. MI:3, Da Vinci and now this. I do hope that watching this has now permitted me to be in a fortituous position of being able to comprehend the scathing if witty reviews that are going to pepper the web.

A few things I have realised:

1. Studio executives must never be given a say in how superhero movies turn out. That's what the comic writers are for. These writers have been at it for a long long time and they do it well.

2. Brett Ratner should stick to directing sequels to Rush Hour.

3. Someone in the studio probably made a "shopping list" of X-Men story arcs for the screenwriters. That person should be given a triple wedgie.

We got some crap trailers and the 3rd Superman one. Is it heresy for a DC trailer to appear in a Marvel movie? 


29 May 2006 - Posted by | Movies

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  1. Comic writers. Considering that Frank Miller wrote Robocop III…SUREFIRE HIT! WOOT!

    Comment by Chuang Shyue Chou | 29 May 2006 | Reply

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